Gluten Free Galley is a completely gluten-free bakery located in Raleigh, NC. We are a state inspected domestic kitchen, specializing in delicious gluten-free baked goods.

Gluten-free goods have gotten a pretty bad rep over the years, and it is our mission to change that idea. Using only fresh, quality, and when possible, local and organic ingredients, Gluten Free Galley creates delicious gluten free treats that both gluten and non-gluten eaters will enjoy.

Our items are located at local, Raleigh area, Whole Foods stores.

Meet Liz Pearce, the baker behind Gluten Free Galley.

Liz started the gluten free journey in November, 2007 and was officially diagnosed with celiac disease in July of 2008. Originally, Liz started exploring the baking world in a quest for the perfect pizza crust. This led on to experimenting with other breads, then desserts, and so on.

She started Gluten Free Galley for two reasons: the first to open up the options available to other celiacs and gluten-free eaters in the Raleigh area. The second is to be able to work from home, which would enable her to have a more active role in her children's lives.


Meet Nathan Pearce, head minion at Gluten Free Galley.

On October 8, 2013 Nathan left warehouse work and joined the Gluten Free Galley team. This filled a much needed role for "Head Minion". He assists in baking, delivering to various locations, and many other odd jobs around the kitchen. He is very glad to have had a chance to trade in his hard hat for a bakers cap.

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Raleigh NC.   (919) 492-1491

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